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Chocolate Fusion

Our speciality!

Right from the start in 2005 we are creating unique chocolates. Blending unexpected flavours and textures. Local and familiar products but also products we have discovered from all over the world. Always with an edgy designer look. 100% chocolate foodpairing !…


Discover a large range of Valentine chocolates in our new shop!…

Chocolate innovation!

UMAMI & chocolate!

Umami is next to sweet, salty, sour and bitter for several years proved the fifth basic taste, which has a bright entrance. Umami in Japanese means "glory" or "savory". To create this chocolate, chocolatier M is using one of the best and last traditional brewed soy sauces in the world from Marushi…

Seabuckthorn berries & chocolate

New Flemish product wins medal!

Under construction…
Chocolatier M | Knokke (Knokke-Heist) Chocolatier M
Chocolatier M Chocolate Heaven!

Chocolatier M: honored as the very first GAULT&MILLAU ’Chocolatier of the Year’ in Belgium!

In 2015 & 2016 Chocolatier M ’aka’ David Maenhout was honored with a total in both years of already 13 (!) Medals at the Belgian preselection for the International Chocolate Awards! 

In 2017: 4 GOLD - 2 SILVER - 1 BRONZE MEDAL. 7 medals on 8 entries. Unique. Best Chocolatier in Belgium in the competition! honored us as ’Chocolate Heaven’. Foodepedia journalist Nick Harman also published a fantastic article. He said: "These are the most exquisite chocolates i have ever seen, each is a little jewel, a little work of art and they taste every bit as good as they look!"

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