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World Chocolate Masters - jury

Chef David Maenhout is a judge at the World Chocolate Masters in Paris

Chocolatier David Maenhout is proud to be a judge at the world final of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris. The Olympic games for chocolate!


Everything starts with a beautiful fruit, the pod, which grows in the equatorial area.

During expeditions on various plantations in South America, David learned about the steps prior to making chocolate. The intense process of growing and harvesting, fermentation and drying is hard work but also a matter of skill. The greatest respect for people on the plantations!


were carried out worldwide for Tourism Flanders, the Belgian government, Barry-Callebaut or together with top chefs and B2B customers.

- World Economic Forum in Davos;  world leaders & guest speakers received custom-made chocolates from our prime minister.

- dance festival Tommorowland; at three editions, custom-made for the Secret Restaurant, gifts for VIP guests and DJs, to support the Callebaut dessert booth

- the Kremlin in Moscow; we provided a demo & chocolate buffet during a mission with the Flemish prime minister

- BBC-World, Children's BBC, Japanese, Canadian, Russian, Slovakian, Icelandic, Spanish media teams have made TV reports in recent years.


Chocolatier M has been a guest at food festivals worldwide

From dessert to giant chocolate buffet, anything is possible. From local (Mise and Plage, Culinaria,...) to world cities like London, Tokyo, Kyoto, etc.

The Seoul Food Fest in Korea was unique. Chocolatier M and ten *** chefs took care of an entire week of chocolate buffets at high-end gala dinners!


Demo’s en tastings

Chocolatier M was a guest demonstrator in the Belgian Pavilion at the World Expos in Shanghai and Milan.
Every five years the most prestigious event anywhere in the world.


Chocolatier David Maenhout has collaborated on books that have been published internationally on the market,




We hold workshops in our open studio in Knokke.

This is for groups of +/- 8 to 15 people.

Price and availability on request.

Temporarily not possible!